img_0918_pieniThe East Savo Hospital District’s A&E department is located at Keskussairaalantie 6 in Savonlinna Central Hospital. For the location of the entrance, see the central hospital’s map. The A&E department is an outpatient clinic, and a fee is charged for each appointment. Patients under the age of 18 are treated free of charge.

The A&E department operates 24/7 to treat patients with a life-threatening condition or who need immediate medical attention. Patients are treated in order of priority according to their treatment needs and the urgency of their case.

The A&E department shares its premises with a health centre that treats semi-urgent cases by appointment between 4 pm and 9 pm from Monday to Thursday.

When to contact A&E?

Emergencies – call 112

If the patient’s condition is life-threatening, act quickly and call the emergency number 112 immediately for help and instructions.

Urgent cases – call A&E on +358 116 117

See a list of symptoms that require a call to A&E


Out-of-hours appointments – always call +358 116 117 first

The A&E telephone helpline operates 24/7 every day. Always call A&E before making the journey there. Calls are answered by a nurse who can assess whether the injury or illness requires urgent A&E attention and provide treatment instructions if necessary.


Less serious, NON-URGENT cases

Always contact your local health centre first.

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