Medical attention or a doctor’s appointment may be needed in many different circumstances. This page provides information about different alternatives and answers the questions “How do I get to see a doctor?” and “Where can I book a doctor’s appointment?”.

In life-threatening emergencies – call 112

In life-threatening emergencies, act quickly and call the emergency number 112 immediately for instructions and to get first responders dispatched to the scene. The first responders will contact a doctor for more instructions if necessary.

In urgent cases – call A&E on +358 15 527 7777. The A&E department is located in Savonlinna Central Hospital.

Here is a list of symptoms that require out-of-hours medical attention. Always call A&E before making the journey there. The A&E telephone helpline operates 24/7 every day. Calls are answered by a nurse who can assess whether the injury or illness requires urgent attention by an A&E doctor and provide treatment instructions if necessary.

In non-urgent cases and with chronic illnesses, contact your local health centre

Health centres no longer operate out-of-hours doctors’ surgeries and instead their appointments are for treating less serious, non-urgent problems and chronic illnesses. The primary place to call in non-urgent cases is your local health centre, the contact details of which can be found on the health centre’s website. The need for treatment is assessed over the telephone or at the health centre, and instructions are provided for treatment at home or a referral made to see a nurse, a doctor or another healthcare professional.  Other health centres are also able to book appointments with the out-of-hours health centre operating in connection with Savonlinna Central Hospital’s A&E department. The guaranteed access to healthcare standard ensures that patients with non-urgent problems get to see a doctor within three months.  The standard is observed at all health centres. For periodic check-ups relating to chronic illnesses, patients should call their local health centre.

Specialists’ appointments at Savonlinna Central Hospital’s outpatient clinic

A referral is needed for appointments at Savonlinna Central Hospital’s outpatient clinic. Referrals are available from health centres, doctors’ surgeries, mother and child clinics, schools, school or student healthcare, occupational healthcare or private occupational healthcare, and private doctors. Once a referral arrives at the hospital, the relevant chief specialist reviews it and assesses the urgency of the case and the course of treatment. The outcome may be that the patient does not need to be examined at the hospital, in which case the referring doctor will be instructed to treat the patient in their own unit, or the patient may be given an appointment at the outpatient clinic. Patients are informed of their appointments by post or via the electronic HYVIS service, in which case an email or a text message, depending on which option the patient has chosen, will be sent to the patient alerting them to a new message in the portal.

Student healthcare appointments

Doctor’s appointments can be booked through the educational institution’s nurse. These appointments are for non-urgent cases, and contact details can be found on the student healthcare website. In emergencies and urgent cases, students should call the emergency number or A&E.

School healthcare appointments

Schoolchildren or their parents can ask the school nurse to book an appointment with a doctor. Contact details can be found on schools’ school healthcare website. In emergencies and urgent cases, schools should call the emergency number or A&E.

Appointments with doctors at mother and child clinics and maternity and family planning clinics

Doctor’s appointments can be booked through mother and child clinic nurses. Contact details can be found on each mother and child clinic’s website.

Dentist’s appointments

Dentist’s appointments within the East Savo Hospital District are booked centrally through Savonlinna dental surgery. Savonlinna dental surgery manages the appointments of all dental surgeries within the East Savo Hospital District, with the exception of Enonkoski. Savonranta health centre does not have a dental surgery, but all other health centres do. Contact details for booking dentist’s appointments can be found on the dental care website. Dental surgeries have weekday appointments for urgent cases, and contact details for other dental emergencies can be found in the dental emergencies section.

Private doctors’ appointments

In addition to the East Savo Hospital District’s doctors’ surgeries, there are private doctors and private doctors’ surgeries as well as private dentists in Savonlinna. These services are provided by agreement between the patient and the service provider, and the East Savo Hospital District cannot refer patients to the private sector. Patients can search for private service providers on the internet or through telephone directory services.